By Acclamation, "Manzoor" Is the Head of the "Facilities Guard" Division. "Al-Basiouny And Al-Baroudy" Are Two Deputies. "Hosny" Is The Secretary.

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Wednesday - 29 March 2023 - 12:25 AM



Under the direction of Eng. Ibrahim El-Araby, Chairman of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the General Assembly of the Facility Guarding Companies Division held a session of the procedures of the General Assembly to reconfigure its board of directors for a new period of four years, in accordance with the Commercial Divisions Regulation.



In the attendance of Engineer Sameh Zaky, Second Vice Chairman of the Cairo Chamber, Mr. Ahmed El-Weisimy, First Vice Chairman of the Cairo Chamber, presided over the procedures session on behalf of Mr. Eng. Ibrahim El-Araby.



The General Assembly formed the division’s board of directors, which formed its office by acclamation, as Dr. Muhammad Manzoor came in as president of the division, Wael Al-Basiouny and Khaled Al-Baroudy as first and second deputies, and Hisham Hosny as general secretary of the division.



According to Mr. Ahmed Al-Weisimy, the Facilities Guarding Companies Division is of utmost significance and requires the creation of a long-term strategy and goal for the growth of its industry. Additionally, the Board of Directors of the Chamber must be completely in favour of it. To assist all sectors, engineer Ibrahim El-Araby is eager to reactivate the different commercial divisions.



According to Mr. Eng. Sameh Zaky, the division's general assembly meeting and desire to reform its board of directors are crucial, especially in light of the board's discussions, proposals, and efforts to develop the sector in line with contemporary developments.