Cairo Chamber of Commerce and Indian Utkal Chamber discussed new ways to increase trade and investment exchange between the two countries.

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Tuesday - 31 October 2023 - 2:45 PM


The Cairo Chamber of Commerce, chaired by Mr. Ayman Al-Ashry, hosted a 15-member delegation from the Indian Utkal Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss ways to boost economic cooperation between the two countries.


The Indian delegation met with the Chamber's Vice-chairmen, Sherif Yahia and Sayed Al-Nawawi, along with members of the Chamber's Board of Directors, Ihab Saeed and Mustafa Abdel Qader, and a number of heads and members of the boards of directors of various commercial divisions.


The activities of the Indian delegation include "tourism, iron and steel, seafood, aluminium, and clothing."


In his speech on behalf of Mr. Ayman Al-Ashry, Mr. Sherif Yahia welcomed the Indian delegation and praised the Indian delegation's visit as a sign of fostering friendship and historical relations between the two countries, looking forward to enhancing bilateral economic relations.



Mr. Sherif Yahia stressed that Egypt is experiencing unprecedented prosperity and development, with infrastructure, industrial cities, and national projects providing investment opportunities. This presents an opportunity for India, as the Egyptian government offers incentives and exemptions on tax and customs levels, as well as facilitating access to industrial lands, which encourages investment in the Egyptian market.



For their part, members of the Indian delegation affirmed their happiness with the visit of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce and the warm reception that confirms the close relations between the two countries. They invited the Cairo Chamber's board of directors to come to India to talk about potential areas of collaboration in the near future.


They also pointed out that India is distinguished by the production of aluminium, iron, and clothing, in addition to its tourism, aiming at increasing cooperation through this sector with Egypt in the next stage and removing any obstacles that may hinder the increase of economic relations between the two countries.



They stressed their preference for some Egyptian products, such as Egyptian cotton, indicating their aspiration to increase cooperation with the Egyptian side and exchange data, information, and ideas in order to increase trade and investment exchange and arrange b2b meetings.