Participation in Presidential Elections, Support for Gaza, and Establishment of New Branches: Key Highlights from the Cairo Chamber's Board Meeting

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Tuesday - 28 November 2023 - 10:56 AM


The Cairo Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, chaired by Mr. Ayman El-Ashry, met to talk about significant issues. The meeting commenced with a minute of silence in honour of the victims in Gaza, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian cause.



Mr. Ibrahim El-Segini, the head of the Consumer Protection Agency, attended the meeting, aiming to enhance collaboration between the Chamber and the agency in the coming period to contribute to market regulation.



The Chamber President emphasised several key points, urging the business community and Chamber members, especially those working with the Chamber, to actively participate in the presidential elections. The positive participation, he stated, sends a message to the world that the Egyptian people choose their president willingly. He anticipated historic Egyptian participation in the elections, particularly from the business community, as stability is crucial for increased investments, trade activity, market regulation, and economic support.



During the meeting, the Board decided to allocate 3 million Egyptian pounds as a contribution to support Gaza in line with the state's directives and efforts to assist the people of Palestine amid current circumstances.



The meeting also discussed a development plan to provide additional services to traders, including the establishment of Chamber branches in various areas of the governorate to facilitate access for all Chamber members in Cairo.



The board members put forth a variety of suggestions and ideas with the goal of achieving a breakthrough in Cairo's commercial sector and the country's economy as a whole. This is especially important given the recent global advancements, particularly in modern technology, necessitating unconventional ideas and suggestions that contribute to the implementation of the state's plan for sustainable development.