The Embassy of Pakistan discusses ways to increase trade exchange with the Cairo Chamber of Commerce

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Monday - 8 January 2024 - 1:1 PM




The Cairo Chamber of Commerce, chaired by Mr. Ayman Al-Ashry, received the commercial attaché of the Pakistani Embassy in Cairo, Ali Tamkeen, to discuss ways to increase joint trade and investment exchange.



Mr. Sayed Al-Nawawi, Vice chairman of the cairo Chamber, received the Commercial Attaché in the presence of Major General Salah Al-Abd, Treasurer of the Chamber, Mr. Ashraf Khader, Assistant Treasurer, Mr. Ashraf Al-Shimi, Secretary-General of the Chamber, and Food Commodity Sector member Muhammad Gharib.



The Pakistani trade attaché invited the Cairo Chamber of Commerce to participate in the conference to be organized by the Pakistani Embassy on 9 January in Cairo, which will be held with the participation of 111 companies representing 13 different sectors. This was welcomed by the Board of Directors of the Chamber. They stressed the importance of discussing and developing realistic solutions to any obstacles to increasing mutual trade and investment in order to increase joint economic cooperation. Among these constraints are documentary credits - Developing alternative proposals for the dollar, such as the Egyptian currency, as well as the importance of a partnership between the two parties through the entry of raw materials by the Pakistani side and the Egyptian side in manufacturing. This is commensurate with the Egyptian State's approach to settling the industry and making use of Egypt's privileged position as an important gateway to the African market, which is of particular importance for trade and investment.



Mr. Sayed Al-Nawawi said that there were good relations between Egypt and Pakistan, which we should benefit from in order to increase the volume of trade and investment between the two countries in the coming period by discussing ways to facilitate inter-firm cooperation in both countries, especially since Egypt had many products that could benefit the Pakistani market.



Mr. Al-Nawawi stressed that the Chamber was fully prepared to cooperate with the business community of Pakistan through the Embassy and to organize bilateral meetings to discuss ways of economic cooperation, whether through increased bilateral trade or bilateral investment partnerships between Egyptian companies and their Pakistani counterparts, with the ultimate goal of benefiting the economies of the two countries.



On his part, Mr. "Ali Tamkeen," the Pakistani commercial attaché, confirmed that the anticipated conference scheduled for January 9th is organized by the Pakistani government. Government officials from Egypt and Pakistan, including the ministers of trade from both countries, will attend. This provides reassurance to the business communities in Egypt and Pakistan that any obstacles they face will be met with realistic solutions. There is significant governmental support for the business communities in both countries to enhance the volume of bilateral trade and mutual investments.



The parties agreed to draft a working paper containing any impediments facing the business community in Egypt for discussion between the officials of the Cairo Chamber and those of the Government of Pakistan, Ali Rasem, the Minister of Trade of Pakistan and the Deputy Ambassador of Pakistan, during their attendance at the Conference.