Visit of the Turkish Commercial Attaché to the Cairo Chamber of Commerce

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Thursday - 18 January 2024 - 2:33 PM


Mr. Ayman Ashry, the President of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, welcomed Mr. Hakan Atay, the Commercial Attaché of Turkey, and Mr. Atilla Yenigon, the Deputy Commercial Attaché of Turkey, on Thursday, January 18, 2024. The meeting was attended by Mr. Sherif Yahya, the Vice President of the Chamber, to discuss ways to enhance the integration between the two countries in terms of trade and economy. The discussions focused on increasing the volume of trade between the two countries, facilitating trade movements, holding bilateral meetings, supporting joint investments in various economic sectors, including the industrial sector, and exchanging technology and expertise.
The Turkish Commercial Attaché provided a comprehensive overview of the Turkish market and the available trade opportunities. They praised the historical and cultural ties between the two countries. The Chamber expressed its readiness to provide all data about the Egyptian market in various sectors, offering a transparent and up-to-date information environment for Turkish companies and businessmen intending to invest or expand in the Egyptian market.
The Cairo Chamber of Commerce recommended the importance of follow-up and organizing bilateral meetings between the concerned parties, as well as arranging trade exchange sessions, whether directly or online, between companies and businessmen from Egypt and Turkey. They also suggested organizing joint trade exhibitions to enhance communication between suppliers and buyers and conducting workshops on investment opportunities and common challenges.