Enhancing Trade Relations: Talks between the Cairo Chamber of Commerce and the TaiwanTrade Center.

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Wednesday - 31 January 2024 - 9:53 AM


In a move to strengthen economic cooperation between Egypt and Taiwan, the Cairo Chamber of Commerce discussed effective ways to increase trade and joint investment. This came during the reception of Mr. Sharif Yehia, Vice President of the Chamber, on behalf of Mr. Ayman Ashry, President of the Chamber, to Ms. Skly Wang, Director of the Taiwan Trade Center in Cairo, in the presence of Dr. Naglaa El Nagar, Member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber.
The discussions focused on ways to support cooperation in the next phase to enhance bilateral economic relations and raise trade and investment rates. Mr. Sharif Yehia expressed the Chamber's openness to new horizons with all countries to support Egyptian foreign economic relations and provide the necessary data about the Egyptian market and available investment opportunities.
For her part, Ms. Skly Wang stressed the importance of increasing trade and investment between the two countries and praised the Chamber's role in promoting these efforts. She expressed her desire to strengthen relations and explore new ways of cooperation.
It is worth noting that these efforts come within the framework of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce's desire to strengthen its external relations with its international partners.