Cairo Chamber’s board of directors has unanimously decided to organize the "Ahlan Ramadan" exhibition to support citizens.

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Wednesday - 21 February 2024 - 12:42 AM




The Cairo Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors, chaired by Mr. Ayman Al-Ashry, approved the "Ahlan Ramadan" exhibition in Cairo to support citizens with low-priced goods in line with President Abdelfattah EL-sisi's directives.



That came during his meeting last Thursday to discuss a number of economic and societal issues.



The discussions among the Chamber's Board of Directors members emphasized the importance of these exhibitions and their role in meeting citizens' commodity requirements at lower prices than those on the free market.



The Chamber's board of directors takes into account the geographical distribution of the exhibitions, with free processing of the exhibits and therefore appropriate discounts on the prices of the goods.


The Board of Directors has decided to continue daily follow-ups until the exhibition is held and during its stay, aiming to satisfy citizens' needs for basic and seasonal goods.



Mr. Ayman Ashry declared a state of emergency in the chamber for the 'Ahlan Ramadan' exhibition, a community role that the chamber has traditionally increased during the seasons and exceptional circumstances. 



Ashri thanked the members of the Board of Directors for their enthusiasm for maximizing the role of citizen support at the beginning of the month. He also expressed gratitude to all Chamber members who supported the initiative in order to maximize its impact.