Conference to Promote the Canton Fair in Cairo to Strengthen Egyptian-Chinese Business Linkages

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Thursday - 7 March 2024 - 12:58 AM




The China Foreign Trade Centre has launched the Promotion Conference of China's Import and Export Exhibition (Canton) to enhance economic cooperation between Egypt and China, attracting prominent trade representatives and prominent figures from the two countries' economic and commercial sectors.



The Cairo Chamber of Commerce, headed by Mr. Ayman Ashry, participated in the promotional conference in the presence of Mr. Sharif Yahya, Vice-chairman of the Chamber, and an elite group of commercial representatives and prominent figures in Egypt and China.


In addition to the presence of the Economic and Commercial Adviser to the Embassy of China in Cairo, Mr. Deputy Director-General of the China Foreign Trade Centre, Ambassador Ali Al-Hafni, former Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Vice-chairman of the Chinese-Egyptian Friendship Society,.


During his statement on behalf of the chairman of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Sherif Yahya confirmed the importance of the partnership between Egypt and China, which was described as "a concept based on freedom and respect."


He noted positive developments in bilateral relations between the two countries in several fields, such as agriculture, health, energy, logistics, chemicals and medicines, enterprises and real estate, leather, textiles, and information technology.


Referring to the volume of successful trade, Mr. Sherif Yahya confirmed that trade between Egypt and China reached $15 billion in 2022, with the Suez Canal Economic Zone serving as a crucial gateway for Chinese investment. The Chamber of Commerce's participation in the conference is seen as a valuable opportunity to enhance communication and explore cooperation between businessmen from both countries.

It should be noted that the 135th Session of the Canton Exhibition, which will be held at the Canton Exhibition Complex in Guangzhou in three stages, is expected to involve more than 25,000 exhibitors from China and abroad. It will include a wide range of products and services from different sectors, as well as a variety of conferences, symposiums, and events.