Chinese delegation visits Cairo Chamber

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Monday - 28 January 2013 - 7:11 PM



Chinese delegation visits Cairo Chamber and extends an invitation for participating in the Arab-Chinese


Forum and signing a protocol with Nangio room


A delegation from the Economy and Information Committee at Nangio, China called on the Chamber in


Cairo to participate in the "Economic Forum between China and Arab countries" which will be held on 15


September. This was part of a visit to the chamber this week conducted to formally invite the chamber.


The Chamber was also invited to visit Nangio governorate which was described by the delegation as full


of rich commercial aspects. Delegation members expressed their wish to sign a cooperation protocol


between both chambers during the Forum in order to open up commercial and investing relations


between Egypt and China during the coming period.




Eng/ Ibrahim El-Araby, head of Cairo’s Chamber, welcomed the delegation’s visit stressing that the


invitation would be considered, also the possibility of signing a protocol with the Nangio Chamber would


be discussed in order to activate real   business relations that result in  the exchange of commercial and


investment real benefit for both parties.



El-Araby said that the goal is not to sign the protocol but how to make use o f the meetings between both


sides which would reflect on the investments and the commercial relations in a positive way. Hence the


signing of the protocol is inevitable to protect these relationships and strengthen it with the passage of


time pointing out that he will study the extent of benefit first, then comes the role of the Protocol, as there


is no disagreement over signing the protocol whenever there is a real and certain benefit.


 The President of the Chamber expressed his initial   welcome for forming a delegation from the room to


attend the forum and sign the protocol, but only with actual application of the protocol.


Zeinab El-Zomour, the chamber’s secretary general and the head of the executive body, said the


Chamber is working on finding the proper means to open communication channels between Egyptian


exporters and importers and their counterparts abroad. This aims at establishing investment and


commercial projects, in addition to partnership projects and bilateral meetings between businessmen


from Egypt and abroad to seal deals and consolidate relations between them. Moreover, this would help


in coordinating between Egyptian and foreign parties to attend the mutual exhibitions, such as the one


that takes place during March of every year in Egypt. El-Zomour also pointed out it is one of the largest


exhibitions that take place for commercial forums as large number of Egyptian and international


companies participate. The exhibition also includes some of the top businessmen in various activities.



The Secretary-General added that the development and consolidation of trade relations between Egypt


and the world is the Chamber’s goal for the coming period.


She noted that the Chamber of Cairo is one of the largest ones in Egypt and the Middle East, where it


has over 700 000 traders in 61 divisions. It is the legal and legitimate method to address officials in the


country for reaching adequate solutions to the trade division's problems for improving them. Moreover,


the chamber is the official spokesperson on behalf of traders and economists to foreign embassies


located in Egypt in order to reach discussions and find solutions for any problems that take place


between Egyptian and foreign parties over importing and exporting.


Zeinab El-Zomour invited the Chinese delegation to repeat their visit for the Chamber in Cairo but on a


larger scale to discuss various commercial matters through the Chamber’s board of directors. This has


the ability to expand acquaintance between both sides which would increase the mutual services


between them. She stressed that the delegation has to visit Cairo’s International Exhibition pointing out


the positive things that would result, since it is a distinct exhibition that includes hundreds of Egyptian


and Foreign companies.



For its part, "Juzunj Tong" head of the Chinese delegation, pointed out the need to strengthen the


Chinese-Egyptian relations calling the Egyptian side to participate in the Arab-Chinese Forum which


would be held in September in the Chinese district, Nangio, specialized in a number of fields like coal


production, textiles, chemical hardware, energy and all wiring accessories. It confirmed that the number


of participants in this forum during the past year was 350 exhibitors and 76 countries. Over about 8460


visitors checked it last year.