Talks between the Cairo Chamber and the Chinese Embassy

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Monday - 25 February 2013 - 9:10 AM



Written by Feisal Abdul Ati:


After visiting the " the Commercial Minister Plenipotentiary of Chinese Embassy in Cairo


Majian Chin  to the Chamber’s premises - Cairo Chamber of Commerce discusses with


Chinese Embassy the appropriate solutions to the current problems between Chinese and


Egyptian companies, which have increased recently  .



Eng. Ibrahim Al Araby- Cairo Chamber’s Chairman - during his meeting with the Chinese


side to identify problems between the Egyptian and Chinese companies and the agreement


between the two sides to find appropriate solutions through periodic meetings between


the two sides every three months to discuss the solutions for these problems.



 In addition to discussing new proposals is considered an important step towards ending the conflict.



Al Araby demanded that the Embassy should be the  link between Egyptian and Chinese


companies to discuss any developments arising between the parties and to face any problems


from the beginning .




He also called for identifying the most important problems from the Chinese side’s point of view,


and proposals for solutions. On the other hand this happens to the Egyptian side.


Through meetings between the two sides appropriate solutions have been reached  especially


with continuous meetings  for sharing viewpoints.



Alraby said that finding real solutions for the problems between Egyptian and Chinese


companies to promote business between the two parties and thereby increase


the volume of trade between Egypt and China.



Cairo Chamber’s Chairman referred that continuous meetings and opening closer dialog


between Egyptian and Chinese companies and monitoring the reaction of The two sides


on all issues, either in the affirmative or the negative, which resulting in discussing matters


of actual aspects and thus reaching a real solution that can satisfy both sides.



For his part, "Majian Chin said that " the problems caused by the conflicts  between the owners


of Egyptian and Chinese companies.  Problems of Payment methods and specifications, contracts


and shipping and transportation were monitored and such problems will be discussed


in collaboration with the Cairo Chamber during the coming period.



He also added that will a liaison between entrepreneurs of the two sides will be established.


He welcomed the proposal by Cairo Chamber’s Chairman for organizing a meeting


every three months to discuss the latest developments in Egyptian-Chinese relations


and the reactions of each side towards all economic transactions.



Both sides agreed that the coming days will witness coordination between the Chamber


and the Embassy to determine all the problems of two sides and their solutions, and all the results


will be discussed during the periodical meeting.



On the other hand "Majian Chin called Cairo Chamber to participate in the promotion Conference


organized by the Chinese side in Egypt on February 27, 2013 to promote the exhibition "Canton",


which will be held in Guangzhou City in China in April and includes most of the commercial activities.