Temporary revival of business activities due to the election campaigns

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Tuesday - 20 May 2014 - 12:12 AM



Mr. Ali Shoukry - Vice President of Cairo Chamber of Commerce and Vice president of the clothes Division 

expected that  most commercial sectors would be revived due to pumping the funds of election presidential



" You would be wrong if you assumed that the election campaign will be reflected positively on certain

sectors only because if certain sector is revived , so the rest of sectors will be  consumers to other sectors

and then the bounce would be extended to all sectors, but it is temporary bounce  for  the time of

presidential elections only" Ali Shoukry said  " after presidential election we should strive to improve the

situation in Egypt by taking  full responsibility." He added


For his part, also Mr. Mohamed Fawzy head of the general  association of outdoor tents workers and

head of the Division of outdoor tents owners at Cairo Chamber of commerce , confirmed that There is an

unprecedented demands of citizens to create gates to support the candidates of the presidential election.

There is a great demand on making marquees for electoral campaigns, which surpassed %90.


He pointed out that poor citizens participate in the election campaign by creating banners and gates for

propaganda, and many citizens can participate in one gate.


Fawzi said that there is remarkable demands from businessmen to create a propaganda marquee for

presidential candidates exceeded 60% , hoping of stabilizing the country , recovery of the national economy

and keeping their investments.