Welcoming Mr. Michal Mierzwa Head of Trade & Investment Promotion

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Monday - 11 March 2013 - 1:17 PM



 Cairo chamber of commerce welcomed Mr. Michał Mierzwa - First Counselor, Head of Section of trade and investment promotion, the embassy of the republic of Poland in Cairo at the Chamber premises.


 This visit came in line with both Cairo chamber & polland embassy efforts to promote their bilateral ties to Create new investments opportunities between both countries.


The chairman said that this communications came as a plan to attract new foreign investments to Egypt By exchanging experiences and working jointly in mutual areas of interest.


The chairman added that our Egyptian economy despite the difficult conditions faced But it is still capable of opening a direct channels of communication between the Egyptian exporters and importers and their counterparts in all countries.


 Mr. Michał Mierzwa said that this visit is considered a Complementary to his visit in last march 2012 to increase the investment opportunities for Polish investors in Egypt.


He pointed out that the Polish exports to Egypt increased by 4% this year than its predecessor & there are many Polish companies interested in partnerships with their Egyptian counterparts especially in the fields of petroleum, textile industries, infrastructure, & many various fields.


During Next May & June Mr. Michał Mierzwa Pointing out  that Poland will send two missions to Egypt, one in the field of civil defense and pharmaceutical industries and the second is in the field of protection of monuments & its explorations.


The main Egyptian exports to Poland is plastics, salt, sulfur, cement, seeds, spices, tea and coffee while imports are dairies, birds, honey, mineral fuels, eggs and mineral oils.

The value of Egyptian exports to Poland in 2012 was 65million $ while imports for the same year was 134 million $.



For more inquiries from Egyptian businessmen about the Polish products or investments opportunities you can call :

Embassy of Poland in Cairo

Trade & investment promotion section

Tel.: 02 33379683 – 33379687

Fax.: 02 37609353

Web site:www. Cairo.trade.gov.pl

E.mail: info@kair- trade-pl.com