Cairo Chamber is looking for new export and import opportunities with Pakistan

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Wednesday - 22 May 2013 - 2:3 PM



Mr. Ibrahim Al Araby – Cairo Chamber's Chairman received Mr. Arbab  Hamid  Pakistan's commercial


counselor  to discuss ways of strengthing Egyptian-Pakistani economic relations and increasing export


and import opportunities  during the next phase.



He asked the commercial counselor to provide us  with all the data on the market and products needed


by Pakistani businessmen in various disciplines and in return, will provide the room the same data


Pakistani side to urge support for export and import investment opportunities in the two countries.




 the Chamber 's Chairman added that That Egypt has a promising investment opportunities, especially


with the passage of time which results in stability. He pointed out that there is a great quest to strengthen


relations with the outside world in general and in particular communities and institutions Business. We


are striving hard for improving relationships with the outside world in General and in particular Business


communities and institutions.



Al Araby said that the coming period should witness exhibitions and seminars in Egypt and Pakistan to


study projects that help develop and confirm the relations between the two countries and help increase


trade between them.



The Cairo Chamber's  added that the Egyptian and Pakistani sides must provide appropriate means to


develop and activateCommercial transactions between companies in all sectors and each side  makes


a serious attempt to overcome the obstacles, which faced by the other side.



He explained that the Chamber is trying to find the appropriate means of communication between


exporters, importers, the Egyptians and foreign investors in addition to coordination with economic and


trade institutions inland and abroad. It also organizes the meetings of various business divisions and


seeking to solve the problems faced them . it always strives to create opportunities for integrating  with


their counterparts from Arab and foreign chambers to reach the highest levels of trade and economic





Al Araby said that the exchange of trade delegations between Egypt and Pakistan will bring new


economic transactions between companies in the two countries. He pointed out that each party should


try to simplify the procedures for dealing with the other so as to increase economic relations .



On his part, Pakistani attaché said   that procedures will be developed  to facilitate trade between Egypt


and Pakistan, and to overcome all obstacles to support these relationships.




He added that he will provide all the information on the Pakistani market to the Egyptian side calling for


the exchange of delegations visits between the two countries to consolidate their relations, pointing out


there are 10 Pakistani companies participated in the Cairo exhibition recently in order to communicate


with the Egyptian business community.



He said that Pakistan currently established in Egypt in the field of textile industry in the free zone with


a capital of $ 20 million. Stressing that Pakistan needs during the current period to invest outside their


territories due to problems in its energy and Egypt is the gateway to Africa Therefore there is an interest


in investing in Egypt .



He revealed that there is a conference will be held from 26 to 29 September 2013 in Pakistan includes


many industries, including leather, food products, engineering and auto parts.



He stressed that the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and Pakistan has increased to $ 400


million in the last three years.



It is noteworthy that the most important Egyptian exports to Pakistan, soap, chemical products, seeds


and oilseeds, pharmacy products, salt, sulfur, cement, while imports from Pakistan are fish, tanning


materials, grain and cotton