Settling the problems of traders with the Tax Authority amicably

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Tuesday - 4 June 2013 - 1:58 PM



Ibrahim Al Araby - Cairo Chamber 's Chairman is currently activating the Charter of fraternity between


the Sales Tax Department and the Chamber, which has been agreed by traders in order to solve


the problems of tax amicably. This came after his meeting with a delegation of the tax administration


headed by Ahmed Al Gaf, head of the Central Administration To help registrars in Egyptian tax Authority.



Al Araby said that the purpose of this Charter, the existence of a connection between the Chamber and


the Authority  through a Joint Committee in wich is discussed all problems and complaints to reach


compromise solution  for both sides and through meetings to narrow the differences without resorting


to external authorities or judicial proceedings. this Committee holds monthly meetings to discuss all


topics related to the business community and on taxes.



The Chairman of the Chamber added that one of the most important objectives of the Charter is


Achieving common goals between the two sides and  raising the awareness of taxation between


traders-member  in Cairo Chamber and providing  all services and terminating  tax procedures properly ,


quickly and accurately. He pointed out that the chamber will provide to concerned parties all the data


relating to the activities of customers and will notify with any modification and submit proposals that help


improving  the performance of tax work.



He stressed that the activation of the Cooperation Charter is in favor for everyone and is an important


step towards the achievement of national goals through advancing economic and social development.


He pointed out that this cooperation will achieve the results that will be reflected positively in the Egyptian


society as a whole. For his part, Ahmed  AlGaaf said that the authority  are willing to hold periodic


meetings if required, create a good climate for the establishment of friendly relations with Cairo


Chamber to build bridges of trust and cooperation For the general economy progress and prosperity


plus researching and studying  the problems and complaints raised by Chamber's members  and


settling  them as soon as possible. As well as it will answer all questions, provide advice and


assistance and remove misconceptions about the tax.



AlGaaf said that there would be Ongoing awareness of all the tax and all tax-related education materials


like the guides and manuals, publications and instructions for increasing the awareness of taxation to


the Chamber's traders and to take no legal action against a chamber's Member But after viewing it on


a joint Commission to resolve the dispute in a friendly.