Commercial Chambers demand for updating data and activating proposals

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Sunday - 9 June 2013 - 1:53 PM

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Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce demanded for discussing


obstacles that hinder performance development inside Egyptian Chambers.


These discussions were taken place in the meeting organized by Cairo Chamber of Commerce


for formulating proposals concerning performance development in the next period.


The most important of them are making clear data base for commercial chambers, that


should subject to Central Administration instead of Governorates, which know


nothing about the chambers especially first grade-Chambers like Chambers in


Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, and Asuit, as well as unifying their organizational structures,


and returning job " Commercial Register inspector", who entitled to monitoring


non registered, non- modified, expired or renewable registers, and any data relating to 


commercial register, in addition to the National Number should be included in traders' data.



Eng. Ibrahim Mahmoud Al Araby – Cairo Chamber's Chairman and vice-chairman of Federation


of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce- said that he will adopt the recommendation of


Chambers' Board of trustees, and will submit them to the Federation of Egyptian


Chambers to be discussed with concerned authority,which resulting in performance


development inside the Chambers all over the country . Al Araby discussed during the meeting


some recommendations like Health Care Program, which should be activated in all Chambers


of the Country like Cairo Chamber of Commerce,that already has activated last March and


participation will be extended till end of  current June in the first stage. He pointed that the second


stage will include the Traders' Staff.




,He said that now the plan of building or purchasing hospitals only for Traders is considered


a completion for   Health care project. This issue was submitted to Ministry of Trade and Foreign nd 


and waiting for response . he also confirmed that Cairo Chamber completely ready for combining


.all the Chambers in this project, but when the project is expanded and properly developed to include


.all the chambers and that's the target, which Cairo Chamber aimed to as the biggest chamber in Egypt


 He added that the job of "commercial register inspector" is considered very important job and


also this issue will be submitted to the Federation to be discussed. He demanding for holding


periodical meeting for Board of Trustees every two or three months and holding monthly meeting for


chiefs of Sectors for various chambers to any obstacles and formulating proposals .this meeting


will be a completion to Board of Trustees' meeting in order to improve Chambers' performance later.


He referred that Cairo Chamber can cooperate with the  Federation in organizing training program


for employers through Cairo Chamber's Retail Academy.    



Abdel Qader Ismail –Federation of Chambers of Commerce Representative-demanded for continuing


the board of trustees' meetings through the Federation, referring that these meetings already had been


held before connecting between commercial chambers all over Egypt . he also pointed that follow-up


committee should be  established to follow up Board of trustees' recommendations during the next





Hassan Saleh – General Manager of legal affairs at Behera Chamber of Commerce – called that


commercial chambers' websites should be activated for identifying their services. Hazem


El Zonosy-chief Executive of Fayoum Chamber – said that the Chambers should establish workshops


clarifying their projects and applications for exchanging benefits between the Chambers .