High demand for sugar, tea and cooking oil recently

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Sunday - 23 June 2013 - 10:37 AM



Ahmad shiha - Chief of importers' Division - said that the Egyptian market was dominated


by a state of anticipation and anxiety especially  With June 30 approaching .



Shiha confirmed that the movement of the market commodity purchasing, like oil, sugar,


rice and pasta "In the case of a remarkable rise since mid-June with the stability in prices.


He said that the citizens and traders in a state of alert to the events of June 30, which may


result in a new Egyptian revolution within the framework of the invitations by Salafi and


Muslim Brotherhood To go down before June 30.



Traders said  that they would protect their businesses in this day by security


enhancements like  the private guards with similar to the people's committees in the


revolution of 2011.