Ibrahim AlAraby : Auto Transport continues to work in coordination with Ministry of Interior

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Tuesday - 25 June 2013 - 1:16 PM



Engineer Ibrahim Al-'Araby -Vice President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, and Chairman


of Cairo Chamber said that Auto Transport continues to work in the coming days To transport goods to


markets for maintaining the needs of the citizens, especially in June 30.



He noted in a statement that Decision to continue freight transport associations at work came after


coordination between the Chamber and the Ministry of the Interior, and forming (operating room)


including the ministry and the Chamber. Transport associations Aimed at facilitating the movement of


goods from places of production to distribution outlets to keep markets on the supply of goods,


especially during the events of June 30.




Al'Araby added that Goods transport associations will intensify transportations during coming periods in


order to be an abundance of commodities in markets In anticipation of any circumstances that may


arise. He pointed to the need to intensify security on roads, which makes a reassurance to the owners of


transport associations and help them to communicate in their work to maintain the stability of the


markets and prices.



The chamber's chairman revealed that  the Ministry of Interior 's response to the demand of the chamber


about Necessity to form an operations room  inside the headquarter of the chamber to secure the


movement of goods to markets  had a major role in continuing  the owners of transport vehicles in


working . a meeting was held inside the chamber  yesterday included representatives of the Ministry of


Interior (Public Security and Traffic )  ,ministry of Supply investigation and transportation associations


from various provinces, and issues in all its aspects were discussed, and operations room was formed


to monitor and facilitate all matters concerning the transfer of goods in the coming period. He stressed


that the associations of transport will continue to work until the last moment, Unless intervening


circumstances beyond their control.