Egyptian local wheat farmers supply 4.2M tons in 2022 season

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Monday - 5 September 2022


The supply season for locally-produced wheat in Egypt ended after the collection of 4.2 million tons, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade stated in a statement on September 1st.

The supplied amount accounts for half of the wheat produced in Egypt this year, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Ali Moselhi stated.

The national silos project executed under the auspice of the president allowed for the storage of all these amounts after the storage capacity increased to 4 million tons from no more than 1.2 million tons before 2014, the supply ministry spokesperson Ahmed Kamal commented.

The supply points increased this season to 450, Kamal noted.

On August 31st, the Egyptian Cabinet announced that it set the indicative price of local wheat procurement for the 2023 season at EGP 1,000 per ardeb.