Egypt has enough reserves of basic commodities to last months: Supply ministry official

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Tuesday - 10 January 2023


Egypt has a safe stock of all basic commodities, which will cover the country’s needs for months to come, said Head of Internal Trade Sector at the Supply Ministry Abdul Moneim Khalil.


During a phone-in with “8 ElSobh” show on DMC Channel on Tuesday, Khalil made it clear that there are illegal practices made by a number of traders.

Monitoring campaigns to fight such monopolistic practices are being intensified, he affirmed.


He, meanwhile, urged citizens to report any illegal practices by a number of traders through hotline (19588) or (16528).

Since the beginning of this month, several commodities fairs have been held nationwide to offer foodstuffs at up to 30 percent reduced rates, he went on to say.

Huge quantities of oil have been provided to the commodities fairs, which reach up to 1,300 nationwide, he further said.

Such fairs are primarily meant to alleviate the burden of prices hikes on citizens, he added.