Committee for counting street vendors in Azbakeya district.

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 Eng. Ibrahim Mahmoud AlAraby –Cairo Chamber's Chairman – revealed that a committee



for counting street vendors in Azbakeya district including representatives of Azbakeya District,



the Chamber, and street vendors syndicate. Now the counting process is prepared according



to vendors' seniority in the district.




Al Araby said in a statement to " El Faqr Newspaper" that the Committee have counted already



in some regions in Azbakeya district through National Number of vendors and through



vendors themselves, who determine the practicing seniority in this district especially



the vendors who existed before the revolution to be lodged  first in the district markets then



the reset of vendors.




He added that Counting those vendors, and determining the seniority extent



of each of them (elders of the region) to determine that beside the formed committee.



 in the next few days, the number of vendors in Azbakeya district will be announced



after final counting. He pointed out that after the completion of counting vendors in



Azbakeya district, the Committee will move to another district in order to count all districts.



Al Araby said that The Chamber will participate in amending conditions of street vendors



in many ways, like their participation in the Chamber after joining the mini- markets that



will be created, As well as issuing practice-certificates for them, and to include them to



Health-care project in the Chamber, which recently has been activated for traders.



On the grounds that these vendors are a part of our society. They have rights and duties



that must be adhered to.




He explained that the participation of these vendors in the Chamber will come through



legal rules to ensure their rights, including that the trader pays the Chamber's subscription



2 per thousand with a minimum of 24 pounds and maximum 2,000 pounds of the Capital Value.