The statement issued by the Ministry of Finance

Newspaper Title: Egypt Cainet

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Thursday - 8 June 2023




The Finance Minister issues the interpretive rules for the customs tariff schedules. Dr. Ma'it: We aim to reduce the rate of disputes, simplify procedures, and improve the working environment by adhering to the best international practices and newly introduced provisions in the field of customs tariffs to keep pace with economic changes. We will unify procedural and documentary transactions at all customs ports to facilitate transactions for traders."


Dr. Mohamed Ma'it, the Minister of Finance, has issued a decision on the interpretive rules for the customs tariff schedules, in line with the best international practices and the new provisions introduced by the World Customs Organization to keep up with economic changes. The rules also align with the customs systems used to describe and explain goods and clarify concepts of categories, in a way that facilitates dealings with the customs system.



The Minister stressed that the explanations and interpretive rules contribute to reducing the rate of disputes over determining the nature of imported items, simplifying procedures, and improving the working environment within customs ports, as part of the national project to update and automate the customs management system. This project enjoys significant support from the political leadership, and it helps to reduce customs clearance time and unify procedural and documentary transactions at all customs ports to facilitate transactions for traders dealing with the customs system.



According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance, the Customs Authority has translated the English version of the interpretive explanations of the customs tariff schedules and documents issued by the World Customs Organization into Arabic with the highest quality, efficiency, and professionalism. This translation will help in updating the data included in the Egyptian customs system, and takes into account achieving a balance between "manufactured" goods, "intermediate" goods, and raw materials, in line with the global trend of updating technology to preserve the environment and achieve sustainable development.



The statement emphasised that the World Customs Organisation issued one of the most important new texts in the coordinated system 2022, which clarifies detectors and how to distinguish them, explains the meaning of diagnostic kits, defines and explains textile categories that contain chemical, mechanical, or electronic components, defines the term "free carbon," and explains fibreglass, metals, and their products.


Source : Egypt Cabinet

Translated by Rehab Taha

Cairo Chamber