The Minister of Planning and Economic Development participates in the Foreign Affairs and Development Ministers' Meeting of the G20 in India.

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Monday - 12 June 2023



Dr. Hala El Said, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, participated today in a session entitled "Collective and Pluralistic Measures to Accelerate Progress towards Sustainable Development Goals," held during the G20 Foreign Affairs and Development Ministers' Meeting in India from June 11 to 13, 2023, attended by the ministers of the G20 countries.


Dr. El Said explained that since the adoption of the 2030 plan, needs and challenges have emerged that require continuous global efforts to accelerate progress in the 2030 plan and its sustainable development goals. She added that at the national level, countries have established the necessary frameworks and created a favourable environment to achieve sustainable development goals.


Despite the tremendous progress made in achieving sustainable development at various levels, the world still faces many social, health, environmental, peace, and security crises that hinder the developmental gains achieved, especially in developing countries that have been greatly affected by these various challenges.

El Said emphasised the importance of increasing international cooperation to find long-term solutions urgently, stressing the urgent need for a new era and approach to international partnerships for sustainable development. She noted that the 2023 Summit on Sustainable Development Goals, to be held in September, would represent the halfway point in implementing the 2030 plan. She stressed the need for a comprehensive review of the status of sustainable development goals, responding to the impacts of multiple and intersecting crises facing the world, and providing high-level guidance on the necessary transformative actions to achieve sustainable development goals by 2030.


El Said explained that the G20 2023 Action Plan to Accelerate Progress towards Sustainable Development Goals provides a framework to support the establishment of an enabling environment to advance sustainable development goals globally, particularly in developing countries, by providing various implementation mechanisms, including access to finance, technology transfer, and capacity building.


El Said continued that the high-level principles of the action plan largely align with Egypt's Vision 2030, which is based on the principles of human-centered development, justice, accessibility, adaptation, resilience, and sustainability. She added that Egypt's Vision 2030 focuses on a number of potentials, including providing financing, producing and providing data, enhancing digital transformation, and achieving technological progress and innovation.


El Said affirmed that the Egyptian government attaches great importance to localising sustainable development goals at the governorate level, based on its belief that sustainable development cannot be achieved without adopting a bottom-up approach, taking into account geographic disparities, and ensuring balanced and equitable regional development to ensure that no one is left behind.


El Said stressed the need for collective action to enhance coordination, international partnerships as stakeholders seek to achieve a common vision, and goals, agree on priorities and ways to address and tackle global challenges, and achieve tangible results to ensure effective implementation of the 2030 agenda.




Source : Egypt Cabinet

Translated by Rehab Taha

Cairo Chamber