Egypt to submit a report on 2030 vision achievements to UN in July

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Friday - 20 April 2018


CAIRO – 20 April 2018: Egypt will submit a review report to the United Nations of its achievements in the sustainable development goals set for Egypt’s sustainable development’s vision 2030, which was built on the basis of the UN Development Goals in July, according to an informed source at the Ministry of Planning. 

A committee comprising the Minister of Social Solidarity, the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Planning, the head of the Central Agency for Mobilization and Statistics, the head of the National Council for Women, the head of the National Council for Disability Affairs, and a number of representatives of the concerned parties is currently working on the report that will be submitted to Prime Minister Sherif Ismail, who will in turn hand it over to the UN. 

Last January, Sisi revealed a detailed review of all the figures, data, and facts achieved in Egypt since 2014, within the country's national project and its 2030 vision. 

The 2030 development vision was officially launched in the National Youth Conference in February 2016. It was introduced as a roadmap to tackle vital issues like government efficiency, economic development, knowledge, innovation and scientific research, energy, health, education, and capacity building to reach a prosperous future. 

In its strategy Egypt has set three stages to achieve sustainable development by 2030, these stages are; the return of Egyptian foreign policy to its normal position, recovery, and progress. Since the launch of the strategy, Egypt has been keen to work in parallel on all stages.