Undersecretary of "industry": 15 billion pounds, the size of electronic transactions over the Internet in Egypt

Newspaper Title: AlAhram online

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Thursday - 18 April 2013



Dr. Fouad Mohammed Issa, First Undersecretary of the Ministry of industry and foreign trade,


Chairman of the international trade point, confirmed the importance of relying on


electronic system during the next phase in serving small and medium-sized enterprises.


He noted that the volume of electronic commerce globally reached 4.5 trillion dollars, with


the volume of business transactions on the Internet in Egypt, to 15 billion pounds,


and is expected to reach 52 billion pounds in 2017.


This came during a seminar organized by the International Trade Point in collaboration


with International Google Inc. on Thursday titled (electronic system for small and medium


enterprises to provide sustainable employment opportunities



Issa said that the seminar had discussed how to serve small and medium-sized enterprises


through the development of an integrated electronic system to help them in promoting and marketing


their products, through networks using Internet technology offered by International Google Inc.


Wael Fakharani, Regional Director in Egypt, Middle East and North Africa for Google Inc.,


the number of Internet users in the world amounted to 2 billion users, and is expected to


reach 5 billion in 2020. The number of Internet users in Egypt numbered in 2011 nearly 25 million.


He added that there are 34 million searches on the Internet in Egypt alone, which gives


an indication that the use of the Internet in Egypt for Sales and Marketing has become economic


value. The opportunity for small and medium-sized industries is large and their proportion


is higher in growth than all companies.


He explained that the world is completely different than before. As a result of the advent of


the Internet and used in the buying and selling, and the achievement of millions


through online commercial transactions. So we must in Egypt look at the Internet from


different perspective so that we can keep up with the outside world in marketing technology


and promotion of products online.