Public Relations Department

اضغط هنا لمشاهدة الملف


    - Publishing the commercial conferences and exhibitions from all the world and the


      demands of foreign companies and institutions that are interested in doing business


      with importers, exporters and the agencies in Egypt, plus all the information about international    


      markets that are held in different countries of the world.



                       - Informing and intimating  for decisions and various laws in the world.


   -  Communicating with commercial offices of foreign embassies in Cairo for  obtaining


       required information about foreign trade . 



    - Receiving Egyptian and foreign businessmen at chamber and providing them


      requested data and information and to guide them them and facilitate their tasks.



    - Responding to all correspondence, faxes and Phones , which are coming to


       the chamber from inside the  Arab Republic of Egypt and outside from foreign embassies and   





     - Supervision and preparation for all necessary arrangements of the visiting of foreign


       delegations the Chamber and arrange meetings between them and the Egyptian businessmen.



     - Communicating with various media and inform them of everything related to the chamber


       works and its activities.



     - Reviewing newspapers, magazines, brochures, economic publications and all news


       that is written for the chamber to be submitted to the officials and preparing the necessary





     - Placing the Chamber's advertisements in newspapers and magazines as well as sharing


       the griefs of the chamber's staff and members.



                        For more information, please contact the Public Relations Department at the following number:



                        Tel: 0020227964687