Commercial Devisions Department


Commercial Devisions Department 

Ac​cording to subject 21 from law no. 189 year 1951 about chambers of commerce,


the Commercial Devision  department establishes the commercial branches.

It contains all the chamber’s member from traders or manufactures which


practice trade in the governorate & also act as a membership society although ,


they can’t attend the membership meetings or elect for the board of director


branch whether they didn’t pay the chamber’s fees & branch subscription which


is governs by the ministry decision no. 339 for year 1986.



1- Organizing work and devolpe to promote it.

2- A proposal to develop, revitalize and unify the efforts to raise the level of  


 the profession.

3- Consolidation of reconciliation and cooperation between the members, and


also prevent illegal competition including participation in resolving disputes


between members or between them and the individuals.

4 - search and study topics, projects and propose appropriate solutions to  


the board of directors to take the necessary action.

5 - attempt to solve the problems encountered and seek to strength relations


and simplify procedures with official organizations, production equipment,


finance, and marketing associated with this activity.

6- identify the internal market products and goods store activity to present it to


the board of directors. 

7- establish exhibitions, sales outlets and participate in after getting chamber


approval to aim in promoting, marketing and also create a price competition to


benefit the consumer pursuant to market discipline. 

8- study matters referred to it from the chamber or its bureau for studing and


giving their opinion.

9- supply the chamber with informations and statistics relating to its own



10- adoption of training, programs and experise exchange to elevate the


performance level among practitioners of activity and dissemination among its


members according to the rules approved by the chamber's board of directors. 

11- propose legislation and controls the organization to facilitate the procedures


that govern this activity and submit it to cairo chamber of commerce. 

12- cooperation through cairo chamber with the authorities to develop            


 the means and methods of work in this activity to improve efficiency and quality


needed for development of marketing aspects of the workers in this activity. 


13- Put a legal framework by organizers and practitioners of this activity with


   the competent authorities. 

14- Never providing certification, license, cards or direct correspondence or


demands or invitations to the administrative authorities or even the media only



through the chamber and also don’t appear in front of others as a legal entity


separate from the room. 

15- Observe, control provisions of article 23 of law 189 of 1951 on chambers of


commerce, as amended.

The required conditions for a member of board of directors: 

1 - at least 25 years of age.

2 - improve reading and writing.

3 - ever recorded the commercial register three years.

4 - pay an annual tax on business profits.

5 - do not be issued against a resolution to drop its membership.

for inquiries, please call the commercial branches department at the following


Tel. : 002027979916