Conciliation and Arbitration Department


Arbitration and Conciliation regulation are issued at General Federation of Chambers of Commerce,


and both Alexandria and Cairo Chambers of Commerce by a decision from the Minister of Supply


and Internal Trade No.572/1988 on 8-9-1988 . It aimed to help all disputing parties to reach


themselves accommodation by the good offices and away from legal actions.


If all the parties agreed conciliation, which won't hinder the right of resorting to legal proceedings


and Vice Versa, the recommendations of Conciliation Committee would be non- authoritative


and non compulsory.    



Concerning the Arbitration: Although, it starts with consent and agreement among all parties


and enjoys with formalities, it was terminated with enforceable judgments as Judicial Judgments.


As soon as they had agreed the arbitration judgment the State courts were prevented to consider


the lawsuits.



Adoption of Conciliation


Adoption of the of neutrality and independence- Arbitrators


Arbitration Request


Decision No.572/1988