Our vision and mission

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Our vision and mission

OUR Vision

Cairo Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the development of a prosperous economic climate that will enhance commercial growth and the quality of life for its stakeholders and to contribute to sustainable economical, Social & Environmental development of Egypt

OUR Mission

 Cairo Chamber of commerce recognizes it is the voice of a unified-business community, and that by becoming active in several varied arenas it can achieve these goals and objectives:

To Play a significant role in the expansion of existing businesses and the attraction of new enterprises that will create jobs and result in economic growth for the country

To act as the leading services’ facilitator and a voice for merchants and traders within the governorate of Cairo and Egypt at large

To Provide benefits that will assist member businesses in becoming successful economic entities and maintain their business’ sustainability.

solely protect member’s rights of having mutual opportunities of development considering sustainability and responsible business as the core component in its relations to its stakeholders.

Along the ISO 26000 Project,

The chamber identified its vision and mission to be more efficiently inclusive to generate its services to act beyond the direct beneficiaries to include areas of development in the community and  as a resource for developing responsible business with its members.




Our values and policies

Our Values

We value the entrepreneurial spirit. We deliver programs, services and products of the highest quality that support the needs of businesses at every stage of development.

We value a level playing field, where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. We work to create a business climate that attracts new investment and enhances growth and expansion opportunities for existing companies

We value integrity. We adhere to the highest of ethical standards.

We value community. We connect businesses to each other, to prospective customers and to essential resources. We facilitate connections that lead to long-term business relationships built on trust.

We value sustainability. We provide resources to help our community become more eco-friendly.

We value diversity. We respect the variety of people, businesses and ideas in our community and consider this diversity to be an advantage.

Our Policy

Our Policy Procedures are into:

Working towards improving the performance of various business activities via trade branches.

Aiming to have a better insight into the general market state and solving issues within.

Improving the trade exchange through contacting the involved organizations.

Settling disputes which arise between commercial bodies

Along the Project

Along the process of ISO 26000 we could direct our values and policies to be more inclusive and to consider larger scale of development that maintain sustainability and include wider stakeholder as well.