Exhibitions & Conferences

Event Place Date Show
GLOBAL ENERGY CONCLAVELalit Hotel, New Delhi , India20/11/2019
The 2nd session of the International Consumer Product fairKarachi Expo Center - Pakistan22/11/2019
International Consumer Product fairKarachi Expo Center, Karachi 22/11/2019
US international Franchise Expo.Long Beach - California5/12/2019
7th Arab Conference for Investment in Food SecurityRas Al Khaimah - UAE11/12/2019
Saudi Egyptian Trade and Industrial Exhibition in MedinaMedina Convention & Exhibition Center,Saudi Arabia18/2/2020
Banking, Investment and Insurance ExhibitionBaghdad - Iraq18/3/2020
Culture and Art Festival and ExhibitionBaghdad, Iraq18/3/2020
1ST International Engineering Conference for Research and Innovation (IECRI)International Semiramis Hotel, Cairo Egypt.14/4/2020
4th The EU-Arab World SummitMegaron, the Athens Concert Hall- Greece 29/10/2020
CHEMTECH WORLD EXPO 2021the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Center in Goregaon – Mumbai24/2/2021


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